Written by: Matthew Bather

Introducing the Copperleaf Water Community: An AIPM Working Group for Water Utilities

Copperleaf® is making big waves in the world of water, and I’m thrilled to announce our latest development—the Copperleaf Water Community, a working group of thought leaders in the UK and Ireland water sector.

Nine water companies across the UK are already using our solutions, including Copperleaf H2O. The working group has been established to provide an organised yet informal forum for users of Copperleaf’s solutions to get together and discuss industry-related activities, share best practices, and learn from each other. It’s an “all-things water” community, dedicated to enhancing the value of Copperleaf’s solutions and strengthening asset investment planning and management (AIPM) practices.

Members of the Copperleaf Water Community will have the opportunity to participate in quarterly meetings hosted by Copperleaf, run by the Water Community, and driven by agendas and topics suggested by members. The creation of this working group will also offer networking opportunities, regular interaction with Copperleaf’s product management team, and dedicated resources on the Copperleaf website, including a blog series to highlight topics of interest.

The group will address a range of topics such as:

  • Preparing for AMP8 and adapting to an evolving regulatory landscape
  • Dealing with complexities of above-ground assets and criticality
  • Providng input on the Copperleaf product roadmap for water utilities
  • Supporting Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives
  • Making use of rich data to drive risk-informed, fact-based decision making
  • Managing and communicating change across the organisation

The Copperleaf Water Community is an exciting evolution of Copperleaf’s growth in the sector, and one that will allow us to deliver exceptional value and provide extraordinary experiences to our clients. The informal knowledge sharing, relationship-building, and collaboration will serve us all in the long run, and we are looking forward to seeing the positive impact the group will have on the water community in the UK, Ireland, and beyond.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved, get in touch with the team.