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Written by: Ibon Ruiz Escribano

Introducing Copperleaf CNAIM – A Rapid Start Solution for Electric Utilities

The Copperleaf® CNAIM Solution combines the power of cutting-edge technology with a proven framework for best practice monetised risk, allowing electric transmission and distribution utilities to leverage the Common Network Asset Indices Methodology (CNAIM) quickly and effectively in a streamlined and extensible asset management solution. Copperleaf CNAIM includes a preconfigured instance of Copperleaf Asset™, with business-ready core setup for asset risk management and sustainment planning.

Electric utilities are operating in an increasingly complex environment, which is further complicated by growing economic uncertainty and pressure from regulators, consumers, and stakeholders.

As network assets built decades ago start reaching end of life, asset management professionals are facing a variety of challenges, including:

  • Higher costs due to reactive maintenance and outages
  • Excessive time and effort needed to replan and adapt when things change
  • Lack of visibility on how risk changes over time and impacts long-term business outcomes

Utilities must find the most cost-effective way of sustaining their assets, while proactively managing risk exposure and maintaining reliable service levels.

Balance Cost, Risk, and Outcomes Across Your Entire Asset Base

CNAIM is a best practice monetised risk methodology developed in the UK by Distribution Network Operators (DNOs) and adopted by the regulator Ofgem. The Copperleaf CNAIM Solution utilises and expands this framework within a streamlined asset management solution aligned with ISO 55001. It enables utilities to:

  • Use a consistent and traceable approach to monetise and manage risk across the asset base
  • Understand how risk and value change over time and compare the impacts of different investment strategies
  • Improve asset planning agility to respond effectively to changes

A Proven Localisation Approach

A unique feature of the Copperleaf CNAIM Solution is its flexible configuration, which can easily be adapted in geographies outside of Great Britain. In collaboration with clients such as NIE Networks, Cerius-Radius, VISUE, and Powerco, Copperleaf has successfully adapted the CNAIM methodology for use in Northern Ireland, Denmark, Spain, Portugal, Japan, Canada, and New Zealand.

Rapid Implementation and Time to Value

By adopting Copperleaf CNAIM, electric utilities can quickly leverage the proven functionality and performance for which Copperleaf Asset has become renowned. Clients can be live in production with the Copperleaf CNAIM Solution in just 4 months. The starting point is a quick and easy import of existing asset data into the system. The industry-proven software configuration, combined with Copperleaf’s agile implementation approach, acts as a project accelerator to enable faster time to value.

The Copperleaf CNAIM Solution allows utilities of all sizes to take full advantage of the multi-featured, market-leading Copperleaf Asset product, enabling organisations to improve their performance by implementing best practices in asset investment planning and decision making. I’ve had the opportunity to see firsthand how the Copperleaf CNAIM Solution delivers benefits to organisations across the globe and look forward to helping our clients take full advantage of these capabilities.

Get in touch to learn more or see the solution in action.

We are excited about the Copperleaf CNAIM Solution and look forward to utilising it to improve our risk management efforts and ultimately, increase value from our assets.

Kristoffer Breiner Nielsen
Head of Portfolio Management