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Employee Feature: Binal Patel Named IAM NxtGen Chair

NxtGen is an initiative created by the Institute of Asset Management (IAM) that provides opportunities for asset management professionals who are new to the industry to network and learn. Its vision is to be recognised as the leading group for those in the early stages of their asset management careers. This is primarily done through organising and hosting webinars, social events, and panel discussions.

Binal Patel, a consultant on Copperleaf’s Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) team was recently named Chair of NxtGen. Binal has been an active member of the IAM since 2019. She is passionate about developing and inspiring the next generation of asset management professionals.

“The coming year for NxtGen is really exciting as we have just had an influx of talented new members who will add their energy and ideas to the committee,” said Binal. “I’m really looking forward to supporting the committee and creating engaging events and content for current and future NxtGen members.”

I’ve been able to learn valuable skills while also finding ways to impact the asset management industry and I’m excited to have the opportunity to encourage others to do the same.

Binal Patel

Binal discovered the field of asset management while studying Economics. She realised that she had a knack for relationship building and recognised that breaking down silos for effective communication is vital to successful asset management. Joining the asset management field has allowed her to work on a breadth of projects and gain experience to find a niche that supports her career goals. “I’ve been able to learn valuable skills while also finding ways to impact the industry,” commented Binal. “I’m excited to have the opportunity to encourage others to do the same.”

At AMCL, an asset management consultancy in London, Binal played a significant role in a number of consulting projects. A former colleague commented, “while being excellent with data and process, Binal’s strength is in her ability to quickly build rapport with anyone at any level—two skillsets not often seen together.”

In April 2021, Binal decided to move to Copperleaf to continue developing her skills in the industry and to help large complex organisations develop the expertise and supporting processes to make more strategic and transparent asset management decisions.

At Copperleaf, Binal has impressed us with her ability to translate asset management theory into practice. It’s also notable that, despite the inevitable learning curve that comes with a change of employer, she’s remained active in organisations such as the IAM.

Penny Moss, Copperleaf Customer Experience Regional Lead for the UK, and Binal’s team lead was pleased to hear about the news commenting, “Binal brings fantastic energy to all her work so it’s great to know that she will be able to extend this to benefit early-career asset management professionals through the activities of the NxtGen committee. I look forward to seeing what she brings to the role.”

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