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Written by: Barry Quart

Copperleaf’s RAD Initiative Goes to the YWCA, Microsemi Science Fair Fun Run, and Waterfront

One of the many cool initiatives we have at Copperleaf™ is our Random Acts of Delight (RAD) program, where team members can give back and support admirable causes that are dear to us. Here are some of the amazing things we accomplished over the past few months!

YWCA Cleanup and Painting

This April, Copperleaf volunteers got together to spend the afternoon volunteering at the YWCA Crabtree Corner Facility. The YWCA is a nonprofit that supports families of every kind, offering programs and services such as mentorship, affordable housing, and child care (for more information about the YWCA and its Crabtree facility, click here). Through lots of hard work, our team was able to clean and paint an entire playground for their child care centre! Cheered on by some “fans” (kids who were watching us from the windows), our group certainly had an impactful afternoon, and it felt good to help our community!

Microsemi Science Fair Fun Run

In May, a team of Copperleafers participated in the Microsemi Science Fair Fun Run, an annual event that supports young scientists across the province. It was a beautiful sunny day and the atmosphere was fantastic, with bands, games, and science fair activities all across the Olympic Village Square. Copperleaf loves to get kids excited about science. We were thrilled to sponsor this event and contribute to this great cause. Since it’s inception, the run has raised over one million dollars for the Dr. Michael Smith Science Fair Endowment in support of Science Fair programs across BC.

Shoreline Cleanup

This June, a group of Copperleaf volunteers tackled plastic pollution and did a shoreline cleanup along the Vancouver Seawall. Our team found a variety of interesting items during our cleanup, but by far, the most exciting find was an Olympic Torch—which was even covered on Global News (UPDATE: the Vancouver Police Department picked up the torch and it has since been returned to its rightful owner)! This was our second RAD initiative that focused on cleaning up a greenspace and it definitely lifted our spirits, especially when  pedestrians gave us a thumbs up or thank you!

By the end of our cleanup, we had collected approximately 55 pounds of trash and felt that we had made our city more beautiful!


Copperleaf loves to give back through our RAD initiative and we can’t wait to see what else we can accomplish in 2018!

Until next time!