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Written by: Copperleaf

Copperleaf Partners with Grow My Tree to Support Reforestation

At Copperleaf®, we understand businesses are important players in the fight against climate change, and can meaningfully contribute to a more sustainable future.

Aligned with our organizational objectives and as part of our ESG @ Home initiative, we partnered with Grow My Tree (GMT): a social enterprise that works across the Global South to plant trees at scale.

We’re excited to announce that we purchased a tree for each Copperleafer, and committed to plant more trees each month with GMT in support of global reforestation projects. Furthermore, we chose to partner with GMT because they’re also focused on both environmental and social impact, working with:

Local communities:

  • Providing income stream as planting partners, and planted trees belong to the farmers
  • Reinvesting in the ecosystem in the long-term; reforestation creates new, fertile areas where birds can live again, and nectar makes other forms of agriculture possible, improving food security
  • Furthering sustainable development and the convergence of ecological and social goals; reforestation and learning counteracts deforestation—a great cycle towards a better future

GMT’s partner organizations:

  • Wells for Zoë in Malawi: an organization with a focus on reforestation, girls’ education, and water supply.
  • Green Ethiopia: a charity aimed at improving soil, water, and food security in parallel to reforestation; most notable is their impact on living conditions of women and youth.
  • Trees for the Future in Uganda: projects include the innovative Forest Garden, which combines reforestation with nutrition.

Every tree can absorb ~22kg of CO2 per year, converting it to oxygen through photosynthesis. This carbon offset is crucially important in the fight against climate change.

Copperleaf is committed to advancing sustainability and practicing environmental stewardship.

We are always looking for new ways to become a more sustainable business, especially as we grow as a company. Learn more about our commitment to remain carbon neutral, and how our Green Team is making an impact through new initiatives.