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Written by: Alina Briceno

Copperleaf Hosts First Spanish AIPM Forum in Madrid

On March 17th, the Copperleaf® team in Spain hosted the first 2022 Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) Forum in Madrid. At Copperleaf, we help drive the asset management industry forward by actively creating opportunities for the AIPM community to network, share, and learn from each other’s challenges, successes, and experiences. The Forum connected thought leaders across Spain from various industries including electricity, gas, and transportation.

Sharing the Success at EDP Redes España

EDP Redes España (which includes Viesgo, Begasa, and E-Redes) is an electricity distribution company integrated in EDP Group. Jorge González Bastida, Head of Economic Planning, and Enrique Cuartas Lozano, Investment Planning Manager, presented a case study on the transformation of the company’s portfolio planning process related to Viesgo and Begasa investments.

They shared some of the challenges the company faced prior to implementing the Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution, including relying on a manual process for investment selection. EDP Redes España wanted to automate its planning processes, and develop optimised portfolios that consider multiple goals and constraints. The ability to generate multiple ‘what-if’ scenarios and perform sensitivity analyses were important to ensure the investment plan delivers the highest value to stakeholders. Jorge also spoke about the implementation process, which included integrating the Copperleaf solution with the company’s SAP PPM system to ensure all decisions are based on a single source of the truth.

The optimisation process through Copperleaf Portfolio™ considerably reduces the time to prepare investment plans, allowing for more efficient use of resources geared towards tasks with greater value from an analytical and strategic point of view.

Enrique Cuartas Lozano
Investment Planning Manager
EDP Redes España

The presentation concluded with a look at the next steps in EDP Redes España’s AIPM journey, which includes further improving its investment planning process, adapting to accommodate the new investment process defined by EDP Group, and expanding the Copperleaf Value Framework to assess risk mitigation at a more granular level, such as safety, financial, compliance, and environmental risk, and consider the impacts of investments on network service measures.

Investment Planning in a New Era

As part of the Forum, Josetxu Azcona, Regional Sales Manager for Copperleaf in Southern Europe, led a roundtable discussion on the challenges the asset management community faces as the world shifts to include environmental and social outcomes alongside traditional economic outcomes. Panelists discussed a wide range of topics, including the growing pressure on organisations to include Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) factors in their decision-making. Incorporating ESG targets means that planners must consider a wider range of criteria when assessing project value and report on ESG-related business outcomes.

Other topics included the shift from financial and risk-based planning to a global concept of value.

The Forum concluded with a session on the emerging opportunities and challenges arising from the Next Generation EU (NGEU) COVID recovery fund. Spain is one of the largest beneficiaries of the fund, but tight deadlines are making it difficult to identify the transformational projects that will have the greatest impact on the country’s economic recovery.

Josetxu explained how Copperleaf can help planners and decision makers create and justify their business cases through a holistic investment evaluation process: “Being able to evaluate all proposed investments on a common economic scale enables planners to make effective trade-off decisions to  manage these funds in the most effective way.”

A Taste of Spain

To end the day, delegates were treated to an Iberian ham tasting followed by a scenic cocktail lunch on the 33rd floor of the Torre Espacio tower.

If you’d like to learn more about the Spanish AIPM Forum or participate in future Community events, please contact us.