Written by: Nica Lourens

Copperleaf Hosts First AIP Forum in Italy

Copperleaf® recently hosted our first Asset Investment Planning (AIP) forum in Rome, Italy. Thought leaders from the rail, gas transmission, electricity distribution and manufacturing sectors gathered to discuss best practices, explore innovative use cases, and gain a deeper understanding of how portfolio optimisation and value-based decision making helps businesses maximise capital efficiency, manage risk, and achieve strategic goals.

Delegates enjoyed a range of presentations, workshops and networking opportunities

Introduction to Asset Investment Planning Software and Value-Based Decision Making

The event kicked off with a keynote address from Kiran Darmasseelane, Senior Analyst at Verdantix, who outlined the current environment for Asset Investment Planning software and why Copperleaf is the leader in this space according to Verdantix’s research. Kiran shared information on how organisations are using AIP solutions in their business, including key drivers like:

  • Data-driven planning capabilities
  • Compliance with a range of regulations
  • Mitigation of climate risks to physical assets
  • Scenario-modelling for portfolio-wide risk management
  • Multi-decade asset lifecycle assessment to support decision making

The value-based decision-making processes Copperleaf’s AIP solution enables are essential for firms attempting to align strategic and tactical plans with diverse investment decisions across social, human, manufacturing, financial, natural, and intellectual KPIs. This was my first time at a Copperleaf event and it was an enriching experience, filled with profound insights and valuable knowledge-sharing opportunities.

Kiran Darmasseelane
Senior Analyst

Ibon Ruiz Escribano, Technical Sales Team Lead at Copperleaf, then took a deep dive into value-based decision making: what it is, how it works, and why it matters. Ibon explained how having a robust value framework encourages trust, transparency and repeatability in your decision-making processes, and allows you to identify the most valuable investment options.

SGI proudly shared their journey as the first company in Italy to implement Copperleaf

Case Study: SGI’s Journey into the world of AIP

Società Gasdotti Italia (SGI) recently went live with the Copperleaf solution, and were eager to share their journey so far. The organisation had several goals when choosing an AIP vendor, including:

  • Digitalising the asset life cycle, from investment planning to accounting, reporting and management of assets and operations
  • Increasing network visibility and security
  • Leveraging digital data to build analytics and prediction algorithms to support business processes across the entire organisation

Implementing Copperleaf has allowed SGI to calculate optimal intervention dates, and get an up-to-date picture of their infrastructure. The gas company can now assess the health status of assets based on probability of failure and the subsequent consequences, and monitor how risk may evolve over time.

Partnering with Copperleaf is an opportunity for us to further raise safety standards, maintain our reliable service, and guide our short- and medium-term asset intervention strategies.

Raffaele Maiello
Chief Operating Officer

Wine Pairings and Play

To showcase some other key case studies from the Copperleaf Community, Stefan Sadnicki, Managing Director for EMEA at Copperleaf, delighted our delegates with a lively wine tasting session. Attendees got a chance to sample and rate a selection of Italian wines, while hearing about the stories from Copperleaf clients that inspired each pairing.

Our partners at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, Italtel, and Siemens delivered an engaging Industry Insights session, exploring emerging market trends, challenges and best practices. Marco Latorre, Regional Marketing Manager at Siemens, discussed how AIP solutions can help accelerate electrification and increase grid capacity.

By combining operational technology and information technology, transmission and distribution system operators can generate more value, leveraging a digital twin approach to make more accurate and cost-effective investments. At Siemens Grid Software, we collaborate with partners like Copperleaf to create innovative software products to make the grid more sustainable and autonomous in this ever-evolving energy landscape.

Marco Latorre
Regional Marketing Manager

Enrico Fantini, Project Manager at Engineering Ingegneria Informatica, highlighted the company’s work as system integrator with SGI and the Copperleaf solution. Urbano Mimmo, Head of Innovation and Marketing, and Dario Lucatti, Chief Business Development Officer at Italtel, outlined some of the key challenges facing the energy market in Italy, and suggested some best practices for asset investment planning.

We were thrilled to be part of the Asset Investment Planning community that gathered in Rome for the AIP Forum. We had the opportunity to talk about Italtel’s strategies and expertise, as a technology partner of Copperleaf. It was a great opportunity to connect, collaborate and deepen our knowledge with different companies in the sector.

Dario Lucatti
Chief Business Development Officer

Delegates also had fun playing the popular Copperleaf Optimisation Game, where they were tasked with analysing several projects and investments to build the most valuable and cost-effective portfolios. The game allows participants to better understand how value-based decision making can transform investment planning by making the process quicker, easier, and more cost-effective.

It was a real pleasure for me to attend this event. It was very useful to hear that other companies are designing and planning at EU level a new way of managing risks and investments, and was very pleasant to look at its complexity playing a simple game. Really appreciate the overall organisation and the variety of the audience.

Enrico Fantini
Project Manager
Engineering Ingegneria Informatica

We would like to extend our thanks to all our speakers, delegates and organisers for contributing to the success of this event–we look forward to seeing you at the next one!

Missed this Forum? Don’t worry, we have more exciting events coming up this year including:

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  • Copperleaf Summit – Whistler, Canada | 21-23 May 2024
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