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Written by: Copperleaf

Making decisions is hard. Understanding value changes everything. Here’s how.

The world is shifting to a paradigm where environmental and societal outcomes are being considered together with traditional economic results. We see it everywhere as more and more organizations extend their focus and accountabilities beyond the traditional financial bottom line. As business reporting incorporates these broader drivers of success, those who move in this direction must rethink how they make decisions, track results, and demonstrate progress.

Of course, wanting to build a better world is great, but there are always constraints on the resources needed to do it. How do you know you’re making the right decisions? And at the right time? Especially when the world is constantly changing around us.

The key to choosing where to invest to deliver maximum results is transforming how you see value. And that’s where Copperleaf™ comes in. We enable organizations to make evidence-based investment decisions not only to drive financial gains, but also to meet environmental targets, achieve societal and community objectives, and contribute to the greater good.

How? The Copperleaf Decision Analytics software suite defines value in more than just financial terms, allowing organizations to make decisions looking at the big picture. Using a common scale, we align and compare all aspects of how an organization creates value, bringing objectivity and rigor to a process that has traditionally relied heavily on intuition. In this way, Copperleaf enables true value-based decision-making.

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