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Written by: Jennifer Chapman

Asset Investment Planning at the SAP Conference for Utilities and Energy

The Copperleaf team (from L-R): Karim Jawad, Regional Sales Manager at Copperleaf, John Green, Strategic Value Manager at Anglian Water, Florian Böhm, Solutions Consultant at Copperleaf, and Jennifer Chapman, Partner Success Manager at Copperleaf

The Copperleaf® team recently participated in the International SAP Conference for Utilities and Energy, hosted in beautiful Basel, Switzerland. The event provided an opportunity for SAP’s customers, partners and employees to come together and share knowledge, insight and lots of little pastries. As a freshly minted SAP partner—Copperleaf signed an Endorsed Apps agreement with SAP® in February of this year—this was our first time exhibiting at the conference and it proved to be a fantastic experience. We enjoyed rich, insightful conversations with those responsible for maintaining and modernising critical infrastructure the world over, all of whom are feeling the pressure of increasing stakeholder expectations in terms of meeting environmental objectives on top of ongoing commitments around cost, safety and service performance.

Given the unprecedented volume and complexity of asset investment decision making that the energy and utilities industries face over the coming years, being able to manage this in an agile, systemised way will be vital. Copperleaf enables businesses to create the most efficient capital plan by evaluating candidate investments and optimising asset investment plans, utilising powerful AI to run scenarios and understand critical trade-offs to meet the various strategic goals. Seamless integration into SAP then cascades the optimised portfolio of capital projects to financial and project management systems for execution. Together, Copperleaf and SAP ensure that investments are aligned to strategic priorities and that organisations have the tools to rapidly re-optimise in response to changing circumstances and new technologies.

We have been using Copperleaf for over seven years to prioritise and optimise our investment plans and make sure we deliver maximum value to our customers, regulators and shareholders.

John Green
Strategic Value Manager
Anglian Water

We were joined at the event by John Green, Strategic Value Manager at our mutual client Anglian Water, who hosted a session outlining the journey the water company has taken with Copperleaf and SAP. Our teams have worked together to develop and implement a value framework that embeds social and environmental impact into Anglian Water’s investment decision making, alongside customer experience, service reliability and cost.

Anglian Water’s presentation introduced delegates to the concept and benefits of a value framework; a topic that is still relatively new to many in the SAP ecosystem, and one of the main reasons for our partnership with Copperleaf.

Miquel Carbó
Director for Water and Wastewater Services

Copperleaf Portfolio for SAP® solutions is now available on SAP Store. Knowing that SAP is a trusted adviser to so many organisations that will benefit from our solutions fills me with optimism. Together, we can accelerate progress and drive us all toward a more efficient, effective and sustainable future.

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