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Copperleaf™ C55 has been adopted by some of the most well-respected water and wastewater utilities in the world.

Delivering the highest value and integrity from assets in water

C55™ is meeting the investment decision challenges of water utilities head-on.

Aging assets, an aging workforce, increasing regulation, and high demands in an era of scarce resources are forcing water utilities to rethink their approach to investment planning and management. Value-based decision making in a transparent, data-driven environment is the formula for success.

Despite already being mature in our investment planning processes, we were impressed with the unique capabilities in C55 and believe it can add significant value in enhancing our planning and decision making processes.

Chris Royce,

Head of Strategic Investment Management, Anglian Water

During evaluation, we held a number of reference calls and I joked that Copperleaf must have some magic stardust they put on their users’ keyboards, because I had never heard such positive references about an IT provider. I have to say they were honest! I believe it’s Copperleaf’s focus on the customer experience that made the difference.

Chris Royce,

Head of Strategic Investment Management, Anglian Water

The world is changing rapidly and water utilities must adapt to be able to deliver the maximum value from their assets. To create, defend and manage investment needs now and into the future, water companies need to utilize decision analytics solutions.  Creating robust, repeatable, transparent and data-driven decisions for all investment needs is critical to meeting table stakes for today’s stakeholders. It’s all about pacing the sustainment needs from your asset base, the growth opportunities and the emergent work that throws the proverbial “wrench into the works” just as you start to deliver. It’s a big job that takes an enterprise solution to deliver a single source of the truth for organizations to effectively manage their data, their risk, and collaborate to discover the optimal investment approach.

Decision analytics solutions can help efficiently determine when and how much to invest to optimize value in the face of cost pressures, service level requirements, resource constraints and changing demand. Risks associated with safety, environmental challenges, source water constraints, discharge limitations and the ability to meet compliance requirements must be addressed. C55 is designed to integrate into your organization and provide analytic and decision support to optimize complex investment decisions across your entire organization and over all division portfolios. With C55, maximizing the value from your water assets, and meeting the constraints of your complex regulatory environment has never been easier or delivered so much to your organization’s ability to perform.

Q&A with Chris Royce of Anglian Water on the Implementation of C55

Anglian Water is the largest water and water recycling company in England and Wales by geographic area. The company recognized an opportunity to enhance its expenditure optimization and planning capability, and establish an industry-leading investment planning practice. After a comprehensive review process, the company selected Copperleaf C55 in late 2015 and went live in March of 2017. C55 helps Anglian Water manage asset and service risks, and develop optimal portfolios of totex (capital and operational) investments. Chris Royce, Head of Strategic Investment Management for Anglian Water, sat down with us to discuss the challenges and rewards of this project.

Modular and Configurable

C55 is highly modular and configurable, and integrates seamlessly with existing EAM, APM, ERP, GIS, and a variety of other systems—empowering organizations to turn data into decisions.

Tangible, Measurable Results

Copperleaf clients use C55 to manage assets valued at over $645 billion. They report:

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