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Assets are aging and budgets are tight,
yet expectations are higher than ever.

Major decisions about maintenance, sustainment, or growth projects always come with a trade-off, especially when organizations are managing thousands of diverse assets with limited resources and competing priorities.

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) adds complexity and intensifies the scrutiny on investment decision making. Organizations struggle to take all of these factors into consideration and compare the multitude of funding requests in a consistent way—particularly investments in projects where outcomes may be less predictable or intangible. Purely financial objectives are easy to quantify and measure, however goals related to net zero, community development, and climate resilience are more challenging to express in terms everyone can agree on.

Run the numbers. Pivot with confidence.

Decision-making needs to be rigorous, agile, and defensible. Copperleaf® provides a comprehensive way to assess the tangible and intangible benefits of all investment options on equal footing—so that you can objectively compare dissimilar investments and execute your corporate strategy with confidence. Our decision analytics software solutions enable you to predict long-term asset sustainment needs, develop and manage investment portfolios, and create what-if scenarios to explore different strategies and adapt quickly to shifting priorities.

Asset Investment Planning & Management

Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) is a best practice in asset management that embodies the key principles of ISO 55000 and empowers businesses to make the highest-value investment decisions. These best practices are embodied in the Copperleaf AIPM methodology and our decision analytics software suite, which has been adopted by organizations managing critical infrastructure across the globe.


Use analytics to forecast asset sustainment needs based on risks and economics. Create a long-term investment strategy that maximizes business value while proactively managing risk.

Develop an investment plan that delivers the most value for your budget, can be carried out with your available resources, meets your service level commitments, and helps your organization attain its strategic objectives.

Manage investments from concept to execution. Stay on top of your changing business environment, understand variances between actual performance and your plan, and continuously adapt to drive the highest level of performance.

The ISO 5500x international standards describe best practices in asset management to help organizations realize the maximum value from their assets. Copperleaf’s AIPM approach is highly aligned with this standard and provides a collaborative and controlled environment for value-based decision making.


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Improve planning efficiency

Investment planning in large organizations is a complex process that involves many stakeholders. Using multiple spreadsheets to share planning information between departments can lead to errors, uncertainty, and suboptimal plans and performance.

Copperleaf provides a single collaborative repository to store all asset and investment data. Employees enter proposed investments into the same system using a consistent format and common financial metrics to quantify costs, resource needs, and benefits. This can help your organization work in a collaborative and controlled manner to evaluate business cases and create investment plans, leading to greater efficiency.

Proactively manage risk exposure

Accurate forecasting of asset risks and costs empowers organizations to make smarter investment and sustainment decisions. Copperleaf forecasts both the long-term baseline risk of the asset base and the long-term outcome risk of different asset sustainment strategies, allowing organizations to better understand risk and cost trade-offs for the entire asset population.

Allocate funding and resources with confidence

Delivering the highest value for the environment, the community, and the bottom line means not just selecting the right projects, but executing them at the right time. And while planning a handful of projects may be a manageable task, manually evaluating hundreds or thousands is exponentially more difficult.

Copperleaf’s solutions leverage advanced analytics to assess hundreds of thousands of possible investments and identify the optimal plan within minutes. You can create any number of what-if scenarios to compare the impact of different funding, timing, and resource constraints on risk and value to determine the best overall investment plan—and re-optimize that plan when targets and constraints change.

Execute corporate strategy

A value-based approach takes business case development from an art to a science. Every investment is assessed in terms of how it delivers value and contributes to the realization of your strategy. Applying data-driven decision analytics on these investments establishes a clear focus on the initiatives that drive your strategic goals and results in plans that significantly improve business performance.

How we can help

Copperleaf’s scalable enterprise software solution can grow with you as your business needs evolve. It integrates seamlessly with existing EAM, APM, ERP, GIS, and other systems for more efficient, data-driven decision-making.

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