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Manitoba Hydro integrates Copperleaf software with its SAP systems

Vancouver, June 20, 2012 – Copperleaf has finalized implementation and gone live with its Asset Investment Planning and Management software at Manitoba Hydro. To be used by its Power Supply Business Unit, the Copperleaf solution was integrated with the existing SAP systems to enhance Manitoba Hydro’s ability to make risk-informed decisions, develop comprehensive long term asset investment plans, and to improve their ability to execute and manage their portfolio of projects and programs.

Over the past year, Manitoba Hydro has made significant capital investments to power generation improvement projects and has a continued focus on meeting the energy needs of the province effectively and economically. The goal of implementing Copperleaf was to develop and proactively manage a long term asset investment portfolio that balances cost, performance, and risk for each key asset, while at the same time making risk-informed lifecycle decisions for the company’s portfolio of assets. The solution seamlessly interacts with the corporate SAP system, using data from various SAP modules for advanced analytics, planning and decision-making. Resulting actions and decisions are relayed back to the SAP system for execution. This enables Manitoba Hydro to optimize, communicate, and defend its asset investment and replacement strategy, both internally and to external stakeholders. Further, since going live, Manitoba Hydro has been using Copperleaf’s Performance Management module to track and review all capital projects on a monthly basis, thereby improving the overall project execution ratio.

About Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro is a Crown corporation and the province’s major energy utility. It exports electricity to over 30 electric utilities through its participation in three wholesale markets in Canada and the mid-western United States. The company serves  542,000 electric and 267,000 natural gas customers throughout Manitoba, and has capital assets in service at original cost exceeding $13 billion. This makes it one of the largest energy utilities in Canada.

About CopperLeaf Technologies

CopperLeaf helps asset-intensive organizations re-think the traditional approach to capital planning, asset life-cycle planning, and budgeting. We pioneered C55 to help organizations integrate planning, analysis, approval, and execution so that they can make asset investment decisions that are effective, transparent, and focused on the long-term performance of the organization. Since 2000, we have been empowering utilities and other asset intensive organizations to make decisions with greater confidence.

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