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Manitoba Hydro Expands Copperleaf Across All Business Units

Vancouver, BC, September 13, 2016—Manitoba Hydro is one of the largest energy utilities in Canada, serving 561,869 electric and 274,817 natural gas customers throughout the province. With capital assets-in-service at original cost exceeding $17 billion, the company needed a robust process and methodology to optimize, communicate, and defend its asset investment and replacement strategy, both internally and to external stakeholders.

In 2010, Manitoba Hydro implemented all Copperleaf modules in its Generation Operations business unit. Copperleaf was used to create a detailed long-term investment plan to support the company’s rate application to the Manitoba Public Utilities Board (PUB) in 2015. The ease and speed with which the Generation team was able to extract the necessary data to respond to questions asked during the rate hearings, led the company to embark on an initiative to expand the solution and the Copperleaf Value Framework across the entire utility.

Today, Manitoba Hydro has implemented the Copperleaf Value Framework enterprise-wide and is in the process of implementing the technology in the Transmission business unit, the Customer Service and Distribution business unit (both electric and gas), and the Information Technology Services Division.

“Manitoba Hydro is one of Copperleaf’s longest standing customers and they continue to lead in developing best practices in asset investment planning. We are excited they have entrusted us to help them build a robust framework for valuing investment decisions across their entire corporation,” stated Judi Hess, Copperleaf CEO. “This is an excellent example of how utilities can quickly realize benefits by adopting Copperleaf in one line of business, then learn, refine and expand the Copperleaf Value Framework and the implementation to other lines of business over time.”

Copperleaf integrates seamlessly into the corporate IT infrastructure of utilities, including EAM, APM, ERP, GIS and a variety of other systems. At Manitoba Hydro, Copperleaf is integrated with the company’s SAP system, exchanging critical financial data with various SAP modules. Advanced analytics, planning, and decision making are carried out in the Copperleaf solution with decisions relayed back to the SAP system for execution.

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