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FortisBC Selects Copperleaf For Asset Investment Planning

Vancouver, BC, March 21, 2017—FortisBC has selected the Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution to standardize its asset management capital planning practices. FortisBC owns and operates approximately 48,200 kilometers of natural gas transmission and distribution pipelines and approximately 7,200 kilometers of transmission and distribution power lines throughout the province of British Columbia.

FortisBC recognized the need to enhance consistency and efficiency throughout their capital planning processes. FortisBC selected Copperleaf to help them evaluate the scope and impact of an Asset Investment Planning (AIP) implementation, before deciding on a phased rollout across the company.

“Delivering energy to our customers safely, reliably and at the lowest reasonable cost is our priority, and Copperleaf’s industry-leading solution helps drive consistency and transparency in FortisBC’s AIP processes,” said Paul Chernikhowsky, FortisBC Director of Engineering. “Copperleaf provides us with a framework and the technology to enable us to make the best decisions for our customers and our stakeholders.”

“We’re excited to work with FortisBC, one of two primary energy providers in the province, to assist them with their capital planning decisions, which will directly support reaching their enterprise business goals in an optimal way,” said Judi Hess, Copperleaf CEO. “Copperleaf will enable an effective comparison of proposed projects across FortisBC business units, by providing a common framework upon which to measure value and risk.”

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