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ESB Networks Selects Copperleaf for Asset Investment Planning and Portfolio Optimization

Vancouver, BC, May 28, 2024—Copperleaf® Technologies Inc. (TSX:CPLF) (“Copperleaf” or the “Company”), announces the selection of its asset investment planning and decision analytics solution by ESB (Electricity Supply Board) Networks, the company responsible for building, operating, maintaining and developing the electricity network in the Republic of Ireland.

Serving 2.5 million customers, ESB Networks operates across the entire network–from generation, through transmission and distribution, to supply. The organization needed an out-of-the-box solution that could enhance decision making, optimize investment planning, and assist in regulatory reporting.

ESB Networks selected Copperleaf to support the company in its ambition to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2040 and become a world-class sustainable networks business. Copperleaf will empower ESB Networks to make risk-based, data-driven decisions, manage assets across the whole lifecycle, and ensure it can deliver reliable, sustainable services to its customers.

This also represents the first win for Copperleaf under the SAP Endorsed App Initiative, announced in 2023. This premium certification helps Copperleaf enable the intelligent enterprise for customers for a reliable and sustainable future.

“ESB Networks joins a growing number of electric utilities leveraging Copperleaf to make the highest-value decisions in an evolving industry,” said Conor Toal, Regional Sales Manager at Copperleaf. “We are proud to welcome them to the Copperleaf Community and look forward to working with ESB Networks on their journey to net zero.”

“Electric companies face a number of key business challenges, including climate change, new technologies, and increased costs,” added Stefan Sadnicki, Managing Director for Copperleaf in Europe, Middle East, and Africa (EMEA). “Copperleaf will allow ESB Networks to identify, plan and deliver the most valuable projects to build a safer, more resilient network for its shareholders, customers and communities.”

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About ESB Networks
ESB Networks supplies electricity to the Republic of Ireland. Established in 1927, the company is majority-owned by the Irish government and is committed to providing clean, affordable and reliable energy. ESB Networks operates across the entire network–from generation, through transmission and distribution, to supply, and aims to achieve zero carbon emissions by 2040.

About Copperleaf
Copperleaf (TSX:CPLF) provides enterprise decision analytics software solutions to companies managing critical infrastructure. We leverage operational and financial data to empower our clients to make investment decisions that deliver the highest business value. What sets us apart is our industry-leading products and our commitment to providing extraordinary experiences, shaped by people who care deeply and partnerships that stand the test of time. Copperleaf is actively involved in shaping and implementing global industry standards and sustainability principles through our participation in the United Nations Global Compact, the Institute of Asset Management, and other organizations. Headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, our solutions are distributed and supported by regional staff and partners worldwide. Together, we are transforming how the world sees value.

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