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Written by: Copperleaf

Copperleaf Wins the Digital Transformation Award at Anglian Water’s 2018 Supplier Awards!

Anglian Water’s ambition is to help make life better for its customers every single day. The company believes we are all greater than the sum of our parts, and that working closely with alliance partners and suppliers will help Anglian Water achieve its vision of a sustainable future.

As part of this objective, Anglian Water holds its annual Supplier Awards, which celebrate the many successes the company has achieved by working with partners and suppliers in the last year. Copperleaf® was honoured to be nominated in three categories, winning one of them:

  1. Winner: Innovation: No Build and Digital Transformation award
  2. Finalist: Best Programme or Project award
  3. Finalist: Supplier of the Year award – small/medium enterprise

At the awards ceremony, Anglian Water highlighted some of the benefits realized with the Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution:

Replacing a business-critical system that lies at the core of our asset planning process is high risk. Working with Copperleaf and their industry-leading system meant we were in safe hands.Taking an innovative approach to system development, Copperleaf’s organization is centered on the customer experience, completely changing the delivery emphasis to a “can-do” attitude. A fully integrated project manager from Copperleaf worked alongside our subject matter experts ensuring that process improvements could be identified and absorbed into the project scope as they would enhance the user experience and improve efficiency.Even though it’s a very complex system, it is easy to use and flexible and was delivered on time and within budget. The judges noted that there has been a lower perceived workload on users – with one user even commenting that “this is a hundred times better than the last system.

The worldwide community of users voted work that we had jointly undertaken on Storage Point lnvestment Planning as winner of their lnnovation Award. Copperleaf and the Strategic lnvestment Management Team have provided us with a model for successful software delivery.

Anglian Water Supplier Awards 2018 Ceremony

In addition, Anglian Water has created a new leading approach using the Copperleaf solution that has resulted in significant benefits, including:

  • Better understanding of whole lifecycle costs and how remaining asset life will delay, reduce or eliminate both capital and operational expenditure
  • Improved ability to plan the right level of maintenance and operational activity
  • Enhanced confidence in inspection and testing results will enable optimized site visit programs to be developed
  • Approach will inform long-term spending requirements, maximizing benefits over multiple AMP periods
  • Best practice approach increases confidence in asset integrity and ability to deliver the appropriate water quality
  • Improved assurance around asset management of service reservoirs will result in greater customer and regulator confidence
  • New approach will support preparation of the PR19 regulatory submission

Copperleaf is extremely proud to have received this recognition. Congratulations to everyone involved in the success of this project!

Anglian Water has realized a number of additional enterprise-wide benefits by using the Copperleaf solution, including continuous planning and management, integrated totex costing capability, enhanced workforce productivity, and enhanced portfolio and scenario capability.

To learn more about the innovative ways that Anglian Water is using Copperleaf, please read our case study.