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Copperleaf Wins Contract with National Grid Gas

Vancouver, BC, December 1, 2016—National Grid, which delivers gas to 3.4 million customers in the Northeastern U.S., has selected the Copperleaf decision analytics solution to standardize its Asset Investment Planning and Management practices and enhance decision making for its gas distribution infrastructure.

National Grid is seeking greater visibility into its entire portfolio of assets to mitigate risk and prioritize work more effectively. The company also wanted to establish a common set of investment planning and portfolio optimization processes across its gas distribution companies in Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island.

“We recognized the need for a cross-company solution that would provide us with a centralized view of our entire portfolio of investments,” said John Stavrakas, Vice President of Gas Asset Management for National Grid.  “We will use the Copperleaf solution to create more defensible, risk-informed plans, and ultimately select the highest-value projects to execute.”

“It’s exciting to add another gas customer to our list of clients as it demonstrates the fact that organizations in all industries are realizing that it’s critical to ensure their groups are following best practices. The powerful Copperleaf Value Framework combined with our unique optimization technology is helping clients deliver the highest stakeholder returns,” said Judi Hess, Copperleaf CEO. “We’re honored to be chosen by National Grid, as it demonstrates their confidence in our solution and the incredible team behind it.”

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