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Copperleaf Goes Live at Hydro Ottawa

Vancouver, BC, February 17, 2015—Copperleaf’s Decision Analytics Solution is now live at Hydro Ottawa, the third-largest municipally-owned electrical utility in Ontario, Canada.

“I’m extremely pleased to say that the project was completed on time and on budget, and that we now have a robust process in place to create, manage, and optimize all of our asset investments across the distribution system,” said Jim Pegg, Manager of Asset Planning at Hydro Ottawa. “With Copperleaf, we now have much better visibility into the sustainment needs of our asset base over the long-term and can clearly demonstrate that our investment plans are aligned with our priorities as a company.”

Copperleaf’s Project Manager Pat Lord led the implementation. “Hydro Ottawa is our first customer to deploy the full suite of Copperleaf functionality at once, which really points to their desire to implement a best practice AIPM methodology,” noted Lord. “They’ve taken an innovative approach to modeling different investment levels for populations of distribution assets—using Copperleaf’s Program Analytics module to compare different risks, benefits and cost trade-offs, and determine the optimal levels of investment for these assets.”

The implementation was part of a larger initiative led by Ottawa-based Montera Corporation.

“Copperleaf’s solution was an ideal fit to help Hydro Ottawa improve their asset investment decision making and planning processes,” said Jim Bursey, Managing Partner of Montera. “The success of the project is really due to the professionalism, drive and knowledge of everyone that has been involved.”

About Montera

Montera specializes in helping organizations achieve operational excellence by providing experienced management and professional resources to lead high value initiatives or to act as Interim Solutions to everyday management challenges. Our broad experience and capabilities span all industries and specializations, providing instant productivity in high impact or difficult situations.

About Copperleaf

Vancouver-based Copperleaf helps asset intensive organizations rethink their traditional approach to capital planning and asset lifecycle management. Our C55 enterprise software solution helps organizations integrate planning, analysis, approval, and execution so that they can make asset investment decisions that are effective, transparent, and focused on long-term performance. Since 2000, we have been empowering utilities and other asset intensive organizations to make decisions with greater confidence.

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