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Copperleaf CEO Judi Hess Joins the Western Executive Council

Created by the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, the Western Executive Council is a forum for business leaders in Western Canada to provide a regional perspective on federal policy matters and help build a stronger economy.

Judi Hess, Copperleaf CEO, was invited to join the Council for her experience and expertise as a leader in the tech industry. Led by co-chairs Tamara Vrooman, President and CEO of the Vancouver Airport Authority, and Susannah Pierce, President and Country Chair of Shell Canada, the Council is comprised of executives from a variety of sectors, including the agricultural, communications, financial, energy, and transportation.

We believe the Council can make the greatest impact if we focus not only on what we ask of the government, but also on what we, as senior business leaders, can do to advance a positive agenda in the interest of the West and of Canada as a whole. We need to be ambitious and concentrate on a handful of transformational policies and actions that will truly make a difference.

Tamara Vrooman
President & CEO
Vancouver Airport Authority

The meetings enable leaders to network, collaborate on priorities, and learn from leading experts, including current and former public policy makers, to help better shape government policies. Key areas of focus include:

  • building economic capabilities to help Western Canadian businesses compete
  • investing in transportation and digital infrastructure to support a modern economy and seize new opportunities for growth
  • laying the foundation for a better society for the future

I’m honored to join such an elite group of business leaders and visionaries. I look forward to working with my peers to identify the challenges and opportunities businesses face in our region and collaborating with the federal government to implement changes and improvements to support economic growth.

Judi Hess

The Western Executive Council aims to make Western Canada an attractive destination for business investment by lobbying the government to invest in the right areas, address local workforce needs, and ease regulatory burdens. It’s also focused on laying the foundation for a better future by furthering Indigenous Reconciliation, supporting equity investment opportunities, and increasing the supply of affordable housing.

Learn more about the Canadian Chamber of Commerce here.