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B.C. Government Goes Live With Copperleaf

Vancouver, BC, January 10, 2017— Copperleaf’s decision analytics solution is now live at the B.C. Government in Victoria, Canada. Copperleaf will help the government maximize the value of its information management and information technology (IM/IT) capital investments across ministries.

“This was an exciting project because the government challenged us to find meaningful ways to measure how IT investments benefit British Columbians, and adapt and expand the Copperleaf Value Framework to address all of their strategic objectives,” said Judi Hess, Copperleaf CEO. “We’re pleased to be working with the B.C. Government on optimizing their investments and we look forward to continuing our partnership with them moving forward.”

“The B.C. Government invests millions of dollars in IT to bring the best-quality services to British Columbians and we needed a solution to help us plan, manage and optimize those investments more strategically, across all ministries,” said Amrik Virk, Minister of Technology, Innovation and Citizens’ Services. “With Copperleaf’s C55 solution, a product made right here in B.C., we have established a more rigorous process to ensure we’re aligning our spending decisions with the initiatives that are most critical to citizens and businesses in BC.”

“It was a pleasure to work with the Copperleaf team on this project,” said Philip Twyford, Executive Director. “We can now better understand the trade-offs between investments and compare and contrast different levels of funding to come to agreement on the best overall investment strategy.”

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