Ricard Kelly

Global VP, Information Security and Technology

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As Global Vice President of Information Security and Technology, Ricard is responsible for maintaining security of client confidential information and intellectual property in addition to leading our information technology management team (Tx). Ricard will also provide strategic oversight of cloud and on-premises technology and ensures that our platforms evolve to meet client and corporate requirements.

Ricard joined Copperleaf in 2016 to establish a DevOps capability in support of our cloud strategy. Over his seven years with the company, he has led initiatives to obtain compliance against SOC 2, ISO 27001, and ISO 9001. He has contributed to development of standardized cybersecurity risk models in the Copperleaf Value Model Library and consults with client cybersecurity analysts to align Copperleaf security strategies and offerings with industry requirements and regulatory directives.

Prior to Copperleaf, he held senior positions at Solarix Networks Limited and Level Systems Limited. Ricard holds a Bachelor of Science and a Postgraduate Diploma in Science, both with specialization in Computer Science, from the University of Auckland. In his spare time, he enjoys composing for theatre and reading every book that he can get his hands on.