Webinar: Equitable Investment Strategies for a Just Energy Transition

Testimonial COP27 - Copperleaf Decision Analytics

With rising demand to be environmentally and socially responsible, organizations are looking to emissions reductions and sustainability targets to demonstrate and fulfill their commitments to our planet.

Energy companies can no longer overlook what is now a vital piece of investment planning: environmental justice. Environmental justice seeks to address the varying and disproportional degrees of climate change contribution and damage, and the impact on specific populations and places. Geographic and socioeconomic disparities can exacerbate climate impacts, resulting in people even within the same city experiencing climate effects differently.

In this webinar, Copperleaf’s Damien Quentin explored how organizations can make better and more impactful decisions during the energy transition—to build greater trust with regulators and stakeholders, and accelerate meaningful progress through equitable asset investment planning.