Utility Week Explains: Delivery of RIIO-ED2 in the Race to Net Zero

The race to net zero is urging many distribution network operators (DNOs) to reassess their asset investments to decarbonize quickly, while still providing energy security and affordability.
This Utility Week report covers how decision analytics play a major role in complex decision making. It can help identify the highest-value decisions and create an optimal investment strategy that respects your goals and constraints—even as circumstances change and shift.

Download this report to learn:

  • Why the ED2 price control period is different
  • What DNOs need to do to outperform on their commitments
  • How decision analytics can help with asset management and investment planning
  • How National Gas Transmission increased efficiency by 4% and saved £11m in capital expenditures
  • How National Highways is enhancing asset risk and portfolio management