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Driving Towards Better Decision Making

Globally, long-term roadway infrastructure strategies and action plans echo similar themes—from safety and environmental impact to enhanced accessibility and equity. Roadway agencies must balance maintaining and improving existing infrastructure, expanding capacity, adopting new technologies, and providing efficient, reliable services.

Learn how Copperleaf enables clients to create transparent, agile and defensible plans aligned with strategic objectives.


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The Road Ahead

In this blog series, Connor Cox, Global Industry Lead for Transportation at Copperleaf, shares insights on pressing topics facing Departments of Transportation today. Topics covered include:

Adopted by Industry Leaders

National Highways, the government-owned company responsible for operating, maintaining, and improving England’s road network, selected the Copperleaf solution to:

  • Understand the value of proposed and in-flight projects to make optimal capital portfolio decisions with confidence
  • Manage and deliver on its current 5-year investment plan
  • Create what-if scenarios to evaluate different investment strategies in preparation for the 2025 to 2030 period


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Integrated planning for DOTs

State Departments of Transportation (DOT) often have independent asset management and investment decision processes, creating siloed environments that can lead to inefficiencies. Download this white paper to learn how an integrated planning system can help DOTs:

  • Develop optimized investment plans across all regions or districts
  • Align investment plans with strategic and policy objectives
  • Drive cost savings and fewer closures by bundling work
  • Better communicate and defend Transportation Asset Management Plans


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Meet up with the Copperleaf team to learn more about how State Departments of Transportation (DOTs) can create optimal investment plans to drive their strategic goals at these upcoming events:

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