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Location: Sydney Masonic Centre, Australia

Date: 2 – 5 April 2023


Building a better world, one decision at a time.

Copperleaf can help your organization decide where and when to invest in your business to maximize capital efficiency, meet performance targets, manage risk, and achieve your ESG and financial goals.



Monday April 3 

10:00am – 2:00pm: Private Demo Sessions at Rawson Room. Book your slot here!

4:30pm – 4:48pm: Merging Asset Management Practices with Nima Asadi Khomami

4:50pm– 5:08pm: Use of Systematised Workflows to Embed Asset Management Processes in Asset Investment Planning with Aaron Pisani (Essential Energy) and Brad Hocking (Copperleaf)

Tuesday April 4 

10:00am – 2:00pm: Private Demo Sessions. Book your slot here!

11:40am – 11:54am: Adopting a Value-Led Culture. What Does It Take? with Danielle Channing

12:20pm – 12:38pm: Incorporating ESG Targets in Capital Investment Planning using Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis with Saad Mahmood

4:30pm– 4:48pm: Middle-Out Investment Planning – The Best of Both Worlds with Brad Hocking and Damien Moriarty

Wednesday April 5 

11:30am – 11:48am: Creating a Common Language for Risk Across a Complex Asset Base with David Mate (Endeavour Energy) and Damien Moriarty (Copperleaf)

1:15pm – 1:33pm: Asset Management and Capital Investment Planning with Limited Data with Saad Mahmood and Mike Phung

2:15pm– 2:33pm: Optimisation During Capital Planning: How Much is Too Much? with Damien Moriarty and Phil Keong



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Use of Systematised Workflows to Embed Asset Management Processes in Asset Investment Planning

Aaron Pisani (Essential Energy) and Brad Hocking (Copperleaf) explores the workflow design, implementation, and benefits realisation of the journey to use systematised workflows to embed Asset Management processes in asset investment planning.

Investment planning processes are vital in any asset-intensive organisation. Essential Energy uses a single system throughout its end-to-end investment pipeline process (from ideation through to construction and project closure) which enables better resource planning and ensures a balanced flow of work across teams. To ensure process conformance and consistency, Essential Energy embarked on a journey to develop systematised workflows that guide users through the process. This includes traversing 17 business process stages, 7 of them being decision gates. Workflows were designed to change investment status, manage handover between teams, control the pipeline and portfolio, and obtain financial and technical approval. 

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Creating a Common Language for Risk Across a Complex Asset Base

Budgeting in asset management is a complex process. Improving trust and communication between key stakeholders requires agreed and quantified metrics, something often difficult to achieve for risk.

David Mate (Endeavour Energy) and Damien Moriarty (Copperleaf) discuss how the implementation of a common methodology across the entire asset portfolio along with improvements in real time asset data and automated process flows allows risk exposure and the value of risk mitigation to be calculated at the individual asset level.  This enables the aggregation of risk across multiple dimensions to support broad stakeholder engagement and a data-driven approach to budget definition.


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