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Webinar – Reactive to Predictive Spending: How the Oil & Gas Industry Can Navigate Today’s Disruptive Forces

Across the energy sector, organizations are under pressure to embrace digitalization, increase efficiencies, find new avenues for growth, ensure energy security, attract new talent, and satisfy heightened stakeholder scrutiny – while maintaining financial, safety, and reliability targets.

In today’s challenging business environment, companies must find—and fund— the right balance of investments to achieve these goals and maximize value,  without sacrificing safety or EBITDA.

Panelists from Copperleaf and Accenture discussed how their organizations are tackling today’s challenges and working to transform the future of the oil and gas sector. Topics include:

  • Top challenges for oil and gas organizations
  • How investment planning processes have helped or hindered response to these challenges
  • Reactive to predictive: How a century-old sector is embracing data to make informed decisions and model what-if scenarios to prepare for the next challenge
  • How to get started based on your current maturity level


Webinar Speakers Lori Hernandez & Cicely Striolo - - Copperleaf Decision Analytics