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Webinar: Enbridge Case Study: Best Practices for Capital Planning Excellence

How did Enbridge identify 15% additional value and secure a 30% increase in maintenance capital spend through capital planning excellence?

Watch this webinar and discover more about the new process, new roles and accountabilities, and value framework that resulted in a mindset shift from Me to We during budget reviews, such that the dialogue went from “I need money for my projects” to “We have a problem. What’s the best decision for our business as a whole”.

Learn how Enbridge:

  • Designed their value framework to assess ESG investments alongside other investments critical to achieving financial and non-financial targets
  • Transformed its decision-making processes across all business units and implemented industry best practices in capital planning, driving maximum value against strategic goals.
  • Integrated their asset management, capital planning, and financial systems to streamline operations.
  • Challenged their thinking around capital classification to drive higher value decisions

Experts from Copperleaf and Enbridge discussed the benefits achieved since implementing the Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution, including:

  • Understanding risk within the asset portfolio and how this will change over time
  • Objective, quantified and monetised business cases
  • The ability to create and rapidly adapt multi-year investment plans
  • Removing silos to enable investment optimisation across functions


Carmen Benoit, Manager, Asset Management Strategy & Planning, Enbridge

Julian Lambert, Senior Sales Director – Middle East and Africa, Copperleaf