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ET Energy World Oil & Gas Annual 2023


December 13, 2023 - December 13, 2023


New Delhi, IN

As one of the biggest and most critical industries in the nation, it plays a multifaceted role that goes beyond merely meeting the energy demands of the country. This dynamic sector serves as a lifeline for the economy by providing the essential energy resources needed to power industries, transportation, and daily life. Its robust contribution to the energy mix ensures a steady supply of electricity, fuel, and petrochemicals, supporting industrial growth and facilitating smooth operations across various sectors.

As the world seeks ways to accelerate the pace of energy transition and clean sources of energy, the Indian oil and gas industry stands at the crossroads of transformation to strike a balance between energy security, affordability, and sustainability. Drawing on its rich heritage while embracing the winds of change and with unwavering commitment to innovation, sustainability, collaboration, this sector charts a path towards a balanced and self-reliant energy future for India.

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