The Rise of IoT & Big Data in Rail – Virtual Workshop


February 18, 2021 - February 18, 2021



Copperleaf is delighted to join the discussion at The Rise of IoT & Big Data in Rail Virtual Conference 2021. The free 4 hour workshop will offer insights from rail owners and industry experts on how embracing digital change has improved asset availability and service levels, as well as reducing delays, unplanned outages and costs. Register to learn more about Asset Investment Planning Management (AIPM)

Edward Clark, Product Specialist for Copperleaf EMEA, will be participating in the workshop, discussing

Value-based Decision Making: a Best Practice of ISO 55000 for the Rail industry

  • Consistently and fully assess the benefits of any project or investment—based on economics, risk and customer benefits
  • Align decision making to your company’s evolving strategic objectives
  • Identify the optimal set of investments, alternatives, and timing that will deliver the greatest value while respecting all constraints