AIPM Forum – Copenhagen


November 30, 2023 - November 30, 2023


Copenhagen, DK

 What if… we did the right project at the right time?

What if… we chose an alternative path or scenario?

What if… every decision you made was the right decision?

In a rapidly changing world, asking the right questions at the right time is critical. Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) echoes throughout communities, industries, and economies — from renewable energy initiatives that alter environmental trajectories to sustainment planning that impacts our cost of living.

Amidst the backdrop of unprecedented change and uncertainty, the theme for our 2023 Forum in Copenhagen is an invitation to the AIPM community to explore what is possible, look at familiar situations from fresh perspectives, and spark conversations that transcend traditional boundaries.

Join us on 30 November 2023 in the beautiful Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen. Featuring speakers from Cerius-Radius, Copenhagen Metro and Vattenfall, we’ll explore how asking the right questions through strategic Asset Investment Planning drives outcomes, from the boardroom to the front lines. Don’t miss it!

Get in touch now with our team if you would like to know more or would like to register to attend this forum.