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Exchange best practice information with asset investment planning professionals from around the globe and discover new ways to maximize your investment in Copperleaf’s Decision Analytics Solutions.

The Community

The Copperleaf® Community is a network of Copperleaf clients, partners and team members who come together to share best practices on using decision analytics to enhance organizational performance. Provide input on the future roadmap of the Copperleaf Suite and share ideas about how to leverage our products to make better value-based, risk-informed investment decisions in your organization.

The Summit

The Copperleaf Summit is an annual event that includes educational sessions, roundtable discussions, and peer-to-peer sessions on a variety of topics, including trends and opportunities in decision analytics, Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM), the ISO 55000 asset management standard, and more. Experience our client-focused culture and help shape our product roadmaps into the future. 

Being exposed to innovative ideas that are going to make a significant change to the way your business is going to make decisions around investing is what it’s all about.”
DAVID VOLF Opex and Special Projects Manager, United Energy

Copperleaf Summit

Bringing together members of the Copperleaf Community from around the world to network, share, and learn. This year’s global Summit will be held online May 4-5, 2022.


Our experience with Copperleaf has been that they are very open and receptive to listening to new ideas. And we see value in the form of collaboration and teamwork. Being at the Summit allows us to understand how Copperleaf’s solutions are being used across North America and other continents, so it has been very helpful for us. From a networking standpoint, we have been able to develop some business relationships that we probably would not have been able to do so easily.”

Ed Wong Principal Manager, Integrated Work Planning, Southern California Edison

Being exposed to innovative ideas that are going to make a significant change to the way your business is going to make decisions around investing is what it’s all about.”

David Volf Capex, Opex and Special Projects Manager, United Energy

Learning about how others are using Copperleaf’s solutions, and being able to discuss specific details with individuals working through similar issues, provides us with a unique opportunity to collaborate, refine our processes, and develop more efficiencies surrounding the capital budget.”

Tracy Martin Supervisor, Capital Budget, Alectra Utilities

Some of the most valuable time I spend away from the office each year is in discussions that occur at the Summit with Copperleaf users and members of the Copperleaf team. Whether it’s sharing best practices, brainstorming new ways to use the software, or discussing future functionality, the conference is a great opportunity for new users and veterans alike. The ability for users to get a sneak peek at future releases and provide input is highly valuable and ensures Copperleaf’s solutions continue to adapt to our needs.”

Gordon Ashby Resource Economic Planner, Generating Assets, Bonneville Power Administration

We attend the Summit to collaborate with other organizations and industries to understand how they use Copperleaf’s solutions. It helps us better leverage this powerful tool and implement best practices, giving us the opportunity to lead the industry we’re in.”

Matt Fulghum Director of Asset Investment Planning & Management, ONE Gas

I’ve been coming to the Summit since the very beginning. Our goal is to find opportunities to collaborate—not just with Copperleaf, but with all of the other utilities that use Copperleaf’s solutions as well.”

Joanna Lam Generation Asset Management Engineer, BC Hydro

I’m always excited to attend events where people are talking about, and actively debating, what value means for them, and discussing the rules and criteria they use to make decisions. What I’ve seen at the Copperleaf Summit is a lot of debate about value, criteria for making decisions (beyond just technical and safety criteria), risk, and a long-term view. And for me, that’s what asset management is all about.”

Rhys Davies President of eAsset Management and Chair of the ISO/TC251 Committee

Copperleaf Community Advisory Board

The Copperleaf Community Advisory Board’s mission is to increase the value of the Copperleaf Community for all clients. Made up of volunteer members, the Board strives to foster knowledge sharing and best practices, develop ideas for information sharing, organize peer events, and partner with Copperleaf to shape the annual Summit to deliver the highest value to all members of the Community.


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Copperleaf Labs

Collaborate with Our Teams on New Product Initiatives

Being part of Copperleaf Labs gives clients the chance to impact the future of decision-making and gain early insights from the tools we are testing. Help us push the boundaries in decision analytics while creating a better set of solutions for your organization.