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Written by: Gabby Palumbo

Ontario Power Generation Wins the 2022 Copperleaf Community Innovator of the Year Award!

The Copperleaf® Community Innovator of the Year Award celebrates the most unique and outstanding things our clients are doing with our decision analytics solutions. At the 2022 Copperleaf Americas Summit, we showcased three clients’ innovative projects and attendees voted live to decide who would win the award!

The nominees were:

  1. National Grid
    • Project: Tracking Emissions from SF6 Leaks in Circuit Breakers
  2. American Electric Power (AEP)
    • Project: ESRI GIS Integration
  3. Ontario Power Generation (OPG)
    • Project: Lifecycle and Predictive Analytics

While all three projects were impressive, OPG received the most votes to take home the Innovator of the Year Award!

Angelo Pavia, Senior Manager, Regulatory Affairs receives the Innovator of the Year Award on behalf of OPG from Judi Hess, Copperleaf’s Vice-Chair and Chief Strategist

A Brief History

As a global climate change leader and the largest, most diverse electricity generator in Ontario, OPG and its family of companies are helping lead the charge to a post-carbon economy.

In 2018, OPG implemented Copperleaf’s Decision Analytics Solution, in parallel with the rollout of a new Asset Management Program, to optimize investment decisions and streamline its Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) processes.

Innovation Project: Lifecycle Planning and Predictive Analytics

The business challenge OPG set out to address in this project was identifying the optimal asset strategy that both maximized value and minimized risk. They sought more clarity on:

  • Trade-offs between operating, maintenance and administrative expenses (OM&A) and capital on total asset lifecycle costs
  • Optimal intervention windows
  • Impact of maintenance deferrals

Using the predictive analytics capability in Copperleaf Asset™, OPG is considering a selection of assets to forecast long-term asset needs by considering multiple constraints such as cost and risk. With optimization, predictive analytics runs multiple scenarios to look at different alternatives for OPG’s asset sustainment strategy. OPG is in the early stages of developing this capability and will be looking for opportunities to leverage its potential.

Congratulations to OPG on winning the 2022 Copperleaf Community Innovator of the Year Award! We look forward to the global Summit in May and celebrating the new and innovative things our clients are doing using Copperleaf’s solutions!

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