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Written by: Danilo Prates, B.Sc., MBA

Innovation @ Copperleaf: Our Top 4 Product Innovations in 2022

At Copperleaf, we pride ourselves on collaborating closely with clients across many markets and industries. This helps us gain an in-depth understanding of the new and evolving challenges asset-intensive organizations face in their capital planning efforts, and ensure we’re developing solutions that will have the greatest impact.

2022 marked the start of a new normal, and with it came a new set of challenges. Our Product Development team explored new problems and built upon existing frameworks to create new solutions for Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM). Over the past year, we introduced new features and enhancements to the Copperleaf product suite. I’m proud to share our top four, which include:

1. Multicurrency Support

With the increasing reach of global networks and markets, being able to assess your potential investments in multiple currencies leads to more accurate cost estimates and investment forecasts. Automatic exchange rate and inflation rate conversions make your planning easier and faster, with even better visualization of costs—in any currency and timeframe.

2. Native Geographic Information System (GIS) Support

The physical location of your investments can impact and be impacted by many qualitative factors. Our new GIS functionality is visual and intuitive, giving you deeper insights into the GIS data you already have. We collaborated with our technology partner Esri to integrate this GIS data and display it within the Copperleaf user interface. This feature brings spatial data into a planning context, and helps organizations analyze risk by recommending interventions and predicting outcomes.

3. Dashboard Library Expansion

Our dashboards make it easier for our clients to communicate strategic plans and investment decisions transparently to stakeholders. New templates and visualizations provide more ways to showcase your decision rationale, and the impact of your plans on strategic objectives and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals.

4. Optimize Ready

One of the most time-consuming parts of investment planning is ensuring the quality of data. Our new Optimize Ready capability provides recommendations on how to fix data quality and consistency issues. Using machine learning (ML), it analyzes patterns of behavior to continuously improve its recommendations, and helps fast-track a plan’s readiness for optimization. Check out Optimize Ready in more detail in our blog post.

In a world where technology and digitalization are propelling progress and growth, and where decisions about critical infrastructure impact billions of lives, it’s more important than ever for organizations to find the right technology solutions to enhance their capital planning processes.

Many thanks to our clients for partnering with us through our community forums and programs like Copperleaf Labs, and to our Product Development team for continuing to innovate and push investment planning and decision making to the next level. We look forward to our ongoing collaboration in 2023!

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