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Innovation @ Copperleaf: Stan Coleman on the Launch of Copperleaf Value

Following the launch of Copperleaf Value™, we sat down with Stan Coleman, Copperleaf’s Chief Architect, to discuss the development of our new enterprise-focused software solution and how it can help organizations make better decisions.

Q: First off, can you tell us a bit about Copperleaf Value?

“As part of the process of implementing the Copperleaf® Decision Analytics Solution, we work with each client to develop a value framework that includes the decision-making criteria that matter to their organization. The Copperleaf Value Framework  provides a consistent and comprehensive way to evaluate diverse investments on a common scale.

We built Copperleaf Value because we saw that organizations needed a better way to communicate all the different elements of their value framework so that stakeholders can understand how and why decisions are being made. Copperleaf Value helps align stakeholders on what delivers the most benefit to the organization as a whole and establishes a decision-making framework that everyone trusts.”

Q: How does Copperleaf Value help drive stakeholder alignment?

Copperleaf Value provides an interactive experience of the value framework to users, providing everyone with a common language to use when creating and evaluating business cases. It allows organizations to visualize elements of their value framework, including:

  • Strategic objectives
  • Definitions of risk
  • A description of each objective
  • The tangible outcomes set for each objective
  • The measures that will be used to evaluate how projects help achieve strategic objectives

Having visibility into how day-to-day spending decisions are driving strategic objectives reduces bias, builds consensus around what really matters, and shortens the time it takes to make quality decisions. Getting everyone on the same page creates a shift to a value-based culture, where everyone is focused on getting more value for less spend.”

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Q: Can organizations change their value frameworks?

“Absolutely! It’s critical for clients to be able to modify and adapt their value framework as business needs and strategic objectives change. Copperleaf Value enables clients to change their frameworks quickly and with confidence.”

Q: How so?

“We are doing this in two main ways. First, Copperleaf Value contains the complete history of a client’s value framework, so it’s possible to look at historical or prototype versions of the framework and see exactly what changed between different versions. We call this our ‘govern’ functionality, and it enables clients to perform detailed audits of their framework.

Second, we are ensuring that value frameworks are easy to modify. Clients can view the Copperleaf Value Model Library and choose which value models they’d like to import into their value framework. In addition, Copperleaf Value provides tools for developing a value framework for clients who want to do it by themselves.”

Q: Who will benefit from this product?

“All value frameworks need to be changed over time to reflect new best practices, evolving business objectives, or shifting regulatory requirements. Copperleaf Value provides the ability to manage and govern those changes.

The solution will be especially helpful for organizations that want to improve the transparency of their investment planning processes. With its simple interface, Value makes it easy to educate diverse stakeholders and provide clarity around why certain investments are more beneficial than others.”

Q: Can you tell us a little about the Copperleaf Value team? 

“We’re a client-focused, agile team that’s always improving! The Copperleaf Value, Value Framework Development, and Copperleaf Value Model Library teams work closely to incorporate the latest client needs and industry insights into this product. We’re all passionate about making the best value frameworks possible, and our cross-team collaboration helps us to optimize our processes and products quickly.”

Q: What are you most proud of in the development of the product?

“I’m most proud of the way Copperleaf Value makes value frameworks approachable and understandable. Value frameworks are very flexible and powerful, but with that comes a certain degree of complexity. There’s often an “aha” moment when people see their framework in Copperleaf Value, and afterwards they’re able to engage in the decision-making process in a deeper way. Simplifying something as sophisticated as a value framework is one of the hardest things to do.”

Q: What are you most excited about for this product launch?

“I’m most excited to share Copperleaf Value with the world and get more clients using it. I can’t wait to discover which aspects of the product resonate most with clients, and explore how we can continue to make enhancements and improvements. I’m looking forward to seeing how it can help organizations accelerate their journey towards enterprise-wide value-based decision making.”

To learn more about Copperleaf Value, visit our webpage or request a demo.