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Feature Article: The Benefits of AIPM at Landsvirkjun National Power Company of Iceland

The Age of Renewables

Landsvirkjun is Iceland’s largest producer of electricity, and one of the 10 largest renewable energy companies in Europe. Its power infrastructure is ranked among the world’s best and most reliable—an important competitive advantage that allows the company to attract and retain industrial clients like Alcoa, Rio Tinto Alcan and others. With its asset base both growing and aging, Landsvirkjun was outgrowing its existing asset management systems and needed a more robust approach to investment decision making and long-term planning.

In this article from the December 2015 issue of Assets magazine, Unnur Thorvaldsdottir, Landsvirkjun’s Head of Asset Management, and Boudewijn Neijens, Copperleaf CMO, describe the journey the company took to implement Copperleaf’s C55 solution, and the benefits they’ve achieved.

Landsvirkjun’s story was also featured in the November/December issue of Hydro Review Worldwide magazine and is available here.