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Written by: Stefan Sadnicki

Exciting times for Copperleaf’s European team!

In the field of asset management and decision analytics, we spend a lot of time thinking about asset lifecycles, but projects have lifecycles too. I wanted to share the exciting progress the Copperleaf® team has made in Europe and highlight two projects at different stages of their lifecycles.

At Anglian Water:

A project at the end of its project lifecycle…

Anglian Water – the largest water and water recycling company in England and Wales by geographic area – was both our first project in the United Kingdom (UK) and our first implementation with a water and wastewater utility.

Chris Royce and the Strategic Investment Management team at Anglian Water recognised an opportunity to enhance the company’s expenditure optimisation and planning capability, and establish an industry-leading investment planning practice. In late 2015, Anglian Water selected Copperleaf C55™ and the system went live with over 100 active users in March 2017. I encourage you to read our case study which tells the full story of Anglian Water’s journey and the key benefits Copperleaf has delivered.

Copperleaf wins the Digital Transformation Award

We are very proud to have been recognised at Anglian Water’s annual Supplier Awards – a celebration of the many successes the company has achieved with its partners and suppliers – by winning the ‘Digital Transformation’ award and being honoured as finalists for the ‘Best Programme or Project’ and ‘Supplier of the Year for small/medium enterprises’ awards!

At the awards ceremony, Anglian Water said about Copperleaf:


Replacing a business-critical system that lies at the core of our asset planning process is high risk. Working with Copperleaf and their industry-leading C55 system meant we were in safe hands.

The judges noted that there has been a lower perceived workload on users – with one user even commenting that “this is a hundred times better than the last system”.

At National Grid UK:

This is just the beginning…

With National Grid UK, we are at the other end of the project lifecycle spectrum. We are just beginning our implementation project with National Grid UK Gas Transmission, which has selected C55 for Asset Investment Planning & Management (AIPM) and Project Portfolio Management (PPM).

As we approach RIIO T2, National Grid needs to continue to drive improved asset investment decisions. We have selected C55 from Copperleaf to increase our capabilities and ensure we deliver best value for our customers.

Antony Green
Head of Engineering & Asset Management
National Grid Gas Transmission

To help deliver the highest value to National Grid’s customers, shareholders and community, C55 will provide an integrated and seamless solution that supports both strategic asset investment planning and portfolio optimisation. Having worked with other OFGEM regulated utilities such as Northern Gas Networks (NGN) and SGN, we look forward to expanding on the successful implementations of C55 in the UK, and helping National Grid realise the significant benefits this project is expected to deliver!

Gear up for RIIO-2 with Value-based Decision Making

RIIO (Revenues = Incentives + Innovation + Outputs) is OFGEM’s price controls for gas networks, focused on maintaining affordability for customers while ensuring networks have enough revenue to run an efficient and reliable network. RIIO-2 is the next price controls and will extend the reporting requirements of the various NOMs methodologies used by OFGEM.

We have identified a number of opportunities for UK network operators to gain an advantage by using C55 to support a Value-based Decision Making process across the whole project portfolio. The ability for OFGEM-regulated utilities to go beyond the Common Methodologies, and into a value-driven approach and coverage of the whole investment plan (not just risk-based intervention in existing assets) is becoming more and more important as they start to gear up for RIIO-2 planning.

It’s been a truly exciting year for the Copperleaf team in Europe. As our team expands, we look forward to achieving even larger goals in the upcoming year!

For more information on how Copperleaf C55 can help your organisation achieve optimal asset performance and business outcomes, please download our brochure.