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Written by: Jess Carney Shaw

Employee Feature: Jean-Martin Botto Delivers ‘Decision Analytics and ESG’ Course at IMT

From 22-23 November, Jean-Martin Botto, Regional Sales Manager at Copperleaf®, was invited to discuss the integration of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) criteria in strategic decision making at the Institut Mines-Télécom Business School (IMT-BS) in Paris, France. IMT provides higher education and research in the fields of business and digital technology, and works with students, academics, and companies to respond to industrial, digital, and environmental challenges.

The course, titled ‘Decision Analytics and ESG’, was delivered to over 30 students as part of a module for the ‘Master of Consulting and Management of Information Systems’ degree programme, which focusses on how information systems can be designed and used to make better decisions. A passionate green advocate, Jean-Martin’s aim was to raise awareness of ESG, discuss the complexity of decision making, and highlight how ESG goals can be achieved through the use of decision analytics.

Jean-Martin explored the common pitfalls of decision making, explaining how bias and judgement can lead to poor choices. Research has shown that human beings are not particularly good at complex decision making, with errors in reasoning, emotions, and personal beliefs often playing a part in the process. For organisations managing critical infrastructure, making decisions about where and when to invest to deliver safe, reliable, and affordable services today, while adapting existing networks to prepare for a decarbonised future, is particularly crucial. Developing a transparent, robust, and data-driven decision-making process is a necessity.

Jean-Martin explained how net-zero targets and demands from regulators, shareholders, and consumers are driving organisations to formally address ESG factors in their corporate strategy. Companies must not only create and measure ESG targets, but also demonstrate that they are making the right investments to balance cost, risk, and performance with ESG in mind.

Jean-Martin presenting his ‘Decision Analytics and ESG’ course at IMT 

Using real-world examples, Jean-Martin highlighted the actions companies are taking to drive their strategy and meet their ESG goals. He explained how the Copperleaf Value Framework enables organisations to incorporate non-financial measures in their decision-making processes, and calculate the impact of investments on ESG performance. A wide range of risks can be quantified on a common economic scale, providing planners with a consistent way to compare the value of dissimilar asset interventions or projects. This allows companies to create optimal investment plans that connect day-to-day decisions with corporate strategy, and balance risk, costs, and business outcomes to achieve short- and long-term objectives.

In an interactive workshop, students were tasked with delivering a presentation on the risks and challenges their given industry or organisation may face to address ESG goals. Increased costs or lack of resources, for instance, would have a huge effect on different departments across the business. Students also discussed the benefits and opportunities associated with meeting ESG targets, such as increased customer satisfaction and reduced emissions. Exploring how these objectives can be achieved and justifying the business case to ‘the board’ gave students insight into the many challenges and opportunities ESG strategies pose, and how decision analytics can provide solutions to these issues.

“I would like to thank IMT-BS for the opportunity to work with such engaged, enthusiastic, and dedicated students. It was an honor to share knowledge with future generations, and I hope this course will be of great benefit to them now and in the future,” said Jean-Martin. 

Jean-Martin’s commitment to sharing knowledge and inspiring others to reach their potential are shining examples of Copperleaf’s culture. Our students now understand the importance of ESG and the benefits of decision analytics.

Marie Bia Figueiredo
Head of the ‘Consulting and Management of Information Systems’ Programme at IMT-BS

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