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Written by: Jess Carney Shaw

Driving Best Practices at the Copperleaf AIPM Forum in Hamburg 

Following the success of our last event in Copenhagen, Copperleaf® recently hosted another Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) Forum in Hamburg, Germany. Thought leaders from the transmission and distribution sector gathered to discuss asset management best practices, network with industry peers, and share the benefits of value-based decision making. Featuring presentations from 50Hertz, Stromnetz Hamburg, and SAP, as well as interactive activities such as the Copperleaf Optimisation Game and panel discussions, the event was jam-packed with engaging sessions that provided a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities facing asset managers today.

Case Studies from Stromnetz Hamburg and 50Hertz

To kick off the agenda, attendees learned about Stromnetz Hamburg’s (SNH) asset management journey. Bernhard Baur, Head of Asset Management at SNH, explained that the organisation needed a streamlined portfolio management system to manage the increasing volume and complexity of its projects. After a thorough analysis of vendors on the market, SNH selected the Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution and went live with its integrated Asset Management Software (iAMS) within the year. The Copperleaf solution standardises project estimations and planning via a comprehensive product catalogue, where all projects can be assessed on a common scale. The solution also incorporates the German regulatory model to ensure investments are evaluated based on cost, timing, regulatory requirements, and any other applicable constraints.

SNH has already realised many benefits since adopting the Copperleaf solution, including:

  • Reliable and consistent plans that can be executed with confidence
  • More efficient use of resources
  • Fewer planning errors
  • Improved alignment between departments

Bernhard Baur, Head of Asset Management, detailed Stromnetz Hamburg’s asset management journey with Copperleaf

Jan Schönewolf, Project Portfolio Manager at 50Hertz, shared the challenges facing the organisation as it adapts to the demands of the energy transition. Managing rapid network expansion and a growing investment portfolio poses a number of key issues, including:

  • Choosing where and when to invest in projects
  • Balancing investments with regulatory requirements
  • Honouring internal and external constraints
  • Meeting requirements for greater transparency and visibility
  • Ensuring forecasts are accurate and reliable

50Hertz selected Copperleaf Portfolio™ to enhance the efficiency and transparency of its decision-making processes, optimise investment plans, and provide a clear line of sight from strategy to project execution.

Copperleaf’s centralised solution provides a singular source of truth for planning, allowing 50Hertz to standardise the collection of project master data, CapEx forecasts, asset counts, and more. Jan explained how the organisation can optimise plans based on a variety of targets and constraints, ensuring strategic objectives are aligned with investment decisions and allowing planners to quickly and easily identify the highest-value projects. This gives 50Hertz the ability to balance priorities like safety and reliability, network upgrades, and compliance with regulatory requirements.

SAP and Copperleaf: Integrating Investment Planning with Project Execution

Gero Bieser, Chief Solution Expert Utilities at SAP, celebrated the recent announcement of Copperleaf and SAP’s partnership in his presentation ‘From Investment Planning to Project Execution: Integration of SAP and Copperleaf.’

Gero gave a brief overview of the typical value chain in the electric, gas, and water sectors, before outlining how SAP and Copperleaf can help organisations manage various stages of the asset lifecycle. He emphasised the importance of beginning with a solid approach to asset investment planning, and using proven asset management solutions to maximise the value and effectiveness of these plans to ensure projects can be executed with confidence.

Attendees were tasked with identifying the most valuable investment portfolios as part of the Copperleaf Optimisation Game

Attendees also had fun diving into the details of portfolio planning and decision making with the Copperleaf Optimisation Game. In this interactive session, delegates were tasked with analysing several projects and investments to build the most valuable and cost-effective portfolio. This was an opportunity for participants to understand how value-based decision making can transform investment planning by making the process quicker, easier, and more cost-effective.

The AIPM Forum was a great opportunity for the asset management community in DACH to get together and share experiences. Utilities today are facing many challenges, including the war in Ukraine, the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the ongoing energy transition. In these unprecedented times, events like the AIPM Forum are critical to drive the industry forward.

Fin Jennrich
Regional Director, Central Europe

Thank You

Copperleaf would like to extend a huge thank you to all who attended the AIPM Forum and made it such a success. We look forward to seeing you again next year!

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