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Written by: Jean-Martin Botto

Copperleaf Hosts First AIPM Forum in Paris

We were proud to host our first Copperleaf® Asset Investment Planning and Management (AIPM) Forum in Paris on 13th June, 2023. The event served as an important platform to emphasise the significance of asset management as a central part of an organisation’s overall strategy, and highlighted the challenges faced by organisations in the electricity, gas, water, and transport sectors.

As societies worldwide strive to reduce carbon emissions and transition to cleaner energy sources, these organisations face the daunting task of having to decide when and where to invest to ensure safe and reliable services today while planning for an uncertain future.

In his keynote address, Albin Jacquemont, Group CFO of Saur, a leading water and wastewater company, emphasised the importance of value-based decision making, explaining that value goes beyond just financial considerations. He stressed the necessity for multi-criteria analysis incorporating integrated sustainability criteria, and suggested that green taxonomy will serve as a pivotal performance indicator for sustainability.

Delegates got the chance to network, share and learn at the AIPM Forum in Paris, France

Getting Started with AIPM

Teréga, a prominent gas company specialising in the transportation and storage of natural gas to support sustainable solutions, joined the Copperleaf Community earlier this year. Fabien Fortoul, Asset Strategy Lead, shared Teréga’s AIPM journey so far and expected benefits from the Copperleaf solution, including:

  •  Enhanced business agility in decision making, including the ability to react quickly as and when things change
  • Improved transparency and auditability, ensuring consistent decision making across the organisation based on a single source of truth
  • Increased value of the investment portfolio through powerful optimisation underpinned by a dedicated Value Framework

The AIPM Forum was a great opportunity to share challenges and experiences between infrastructure operators and develop a French asset management network.

Fabien Fortoul
Asset Strategy Lead

From Insight to Action – a Dynamic Afternoon of Panels and Play

Following a networking lunch, delegates enjoyed taking part in the popular Copperleaf Optimisation game. In this interactive session, delegates were tasked with analysing several projects and investments to build the most valuable and cost-effective portfolio, taking into account multiple financial and non-financial constraints and targets. This was an opportunity for participants to understand how value-based decision making can transform investment planning by aligning plans with strategic objectives, reducing planning time, and maximising investment returns.

The afternoon concluded with a lively panel discussion on optimised investment planning for the energy transition, led by Copperleaf Chief Marketing Officer Boudewijn Neijens. Panellists from various sectors discussed the increasing complexity of investment decision making as renewable energy alternatives replace carbon-based generation. Industry leaders agreed that organisations need the flexibility to adapt, while being able to make the highest-value decisions in the short and long term.

Uncorking Success

Stefan Sadnicki, Managing Director for Copperleaf in EMEA, closed the day with a case study and wine pairing. Delegates sampled bottles from all over Europe, including England, Belgium, Bulgaria, and Spain, while listening to success stories from the same region.

Anglian Water’s journey to sustainability was paired with an organic English rosé, while Terra Tangra’s vast selection of award-winning wines reflected AES Bulgaria’s huge operations, managing $33 billion of assets and serving 2.5 millions across 14 countries.

Creating an opportunity for thought leaders to network, share, and learn is one of the most important aims of the Copperleaf AIPM Forums, and the event in Paris made sure to deliver on this promise. We’d like to extend our thanks to all our speakers, partners and guests who made this event such a success—we look forward to catching up with you again soon!

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