Copperleaf Labs

Copperleaf Labs: A Community of Innovators

To truly transform how the world sees value, Copperleaf relies on the insight and perspectives of our client community around the world to continuously improve and enhance our solutions. We care deeply about making a difference in the lives of those who choose our platform to help them make critical decisions.

Copperleaf Labs is a new way for clients to provide direct input on new features, functionality, and products in the Copperleaf suite. With a goal of informing high-value solutions to real-world challenges, the Lab will explore new and innovative product ideas, iterative product enhancements, and product design refinements.

All clients are welcome to join the conversation. More voices and recommendations will yield continuous improvements to our products and services, and help us create elegant and innovative solutions that deliver value to your businesses. This is how we build real partnerships that stand the test of time.

We look forward to seeing you in our Labs.

What do we do in the lab?

During key stages in our design journey, we leverage the diverse perspectives of the Copperleaf Community to help us understand, prototype, and validate potential product concepts. We welcome client participation to help us:


Broaden our knowledge about the pain points, business impacts, and potential benefits of the change to your business. Together, we explore ideas and set measurable goals.


Transform ideas into tangible prototypes to test the feasibility of the solutions and converge on the best ones. Prototypes can be shared and reviewed for rapid iteration.


Validate potential solutions to measure the outcomes against our initial goals and metrics. If the outcome is successful, we’ll promote the solution to the Copperleaf product roadmap.

The Copperleaf team are fantastic. They are very open and receptive to feedback. Lots of times we know what we want to try to do, but we don’t know how to do it, and they always help us try to think through how to solve some of our challenges.”

DONNA KECK Nuclear Investment Planning Finance Manager, Duke Energy

Our vision is to maximize the value of our clients’ decision-making, while they enjoy the journey.”

IAN MUIRHEAD Director of Product Design

Design @ Copperleaf

Our blog series explores how we leverage design thinking to drive new ideas and empower our people to take risks and deliver extraordinary experiences to our clients.

How We Collaborate in Copperleaf Labs

At Copperleaf, we collaborate with our clients to ensure our solutions address their unique business challenges and deliver maximum value. We strongly believe in user-centered design—an iterative process in which our teams focus on the user’s needs in each phase of the design and development process.


Design @ Copperleaf

The Copperleaf Design System is part of the heart and soul of the user experience with Copperleaf. It includes the essential building blocks that enable innovation, strengthen our brand, and help us develop superior user experiences.


Copperleaf Design Journey

Our design journey is a process that changes and evolves to meet client, business, and technology requirements. Copperleaf Labs enables our clients to participate throughout the entire journey or at key validation stages in the design journey.

Design Process: Understand | Asset Management | Copperleaf Design Process: Understand | Asset Management | Copperleaf


The first step in designing a new feature or product is to understand the challenge we are trying to solve. We’ll dive deep into the problem space and use different tools and research methods to broaden our knowledge and explore ideas. Client input is critical to help us understand the pain points, business impacts, and potential benefits of the change.

Design Process: Define | Asset Management | Copperleaf Design Process: Define | Asset Management | Copperleaf


Now that we have a broad understanding of the problem we are trying to solve—and who will benefit from the change—we can create at least one hypothesis that defines the solution. Here, we narrow our focus and define the specific context, desired outcomes, and potential solutions. We establish goals, success metrics, and signals—using Google’s HEART Framework to measure user experience based on Happiness, Engagement, Adoption, Retention, and Task Success.

Design Process: Sketch | Asset Management | Copperleaf Design Process: Sketch | Asset Management | Copperleaf


Once we’ve defined our hypothesis, and aligned stakeholder agreement on how to measure success, the next step is to sketch solutions. The goal is to produce as many innovative and desirable solutions as possible. An emphasis on fast iterations and timely reviews allows us to produce a broad set of potential solutions economically.

Design Process: Decide | Asset Management | Copperleaf Design Process: Decide | Asset Management | Copperleaf


With a number of ideas in hand, we now have to decide which idea presents the most desirable, viable, and feasible solution to the problem. Sometimes there will be a clear winner, and other times, multiple solutions solve the problem. Regardless, we will need to build and test the potential solutions in the prototype stage.

Design Process: Prototype | Asset Management | Copperleaf Design Process: Prototype | Asset Management | Copperleaf


The purpose of prototyping is to actualize the design and test the feasibility of our solutions. The prototyping method depends on the level of user validations needed. For example, if we are looking to validate a complicated interactivity problem, we would look at a high fidelity, interactive prototype. For a simpler concept, we would choose lower cost options to bring the concept forward to the next stage.

Design Process: Validate | Asset Management | Copperleaf Design Process: Validate | Asset Management | Copperleaf


This is the moment of truth—when users get to interact with the prototype! The objective here is to generate statistically significant data to validate our assumptions so that we can either move ahead to implementation or regress back to an earlier stage. Validating our prototypes is key to getting to the right solution efficiently and effectively.

Interested in Copperleaf Labs?

Being part of Copperleaf Labs gives clients the chance to impact the future of decision-making, shape solutions, and gain early insights from the tools we are testing. As a fundamental element of the overall Copperleaf Experience, Copperleaf Labs translates client feedback into even better solutions for their organizations.

If you’re interested in helping push the boundaries in decision analytics while creating a better set of solutions for your own organization, please sign up here to learn more.