C55 Investment
Decision Optimization

The C55 Investment Decision Optimization Solution is now Copperleaf Portfolio

Copperleaf® C55 has been rebranded to the Copperleaf Decision Analytics Solution —a comprehensive enterprise suite of products that empowers businesses to make strategic decisions with the highest confidence. As part of this rebrand, the Copperleaf C55 Investment Decision Optimization solution is now Copperleaf Portfolio™. This rebrand will not change the user experience for current clients. Copperleaf Portfolio includes the full set of capabilities of the C55 Investment Decision Optimization solution—providing organizations with the ability to efficiently create, manage, and communicate investment plans that deliver the greatest value while simultaneously respecting funding, resource, and timing constraints.

C55 has grown in features and functionality to become the leading decision analytics solution for critical infrastructure, managing assets valued at $1.4 trillion globally. The evolution of C55 to the Copperleaf Suite provides increased flexibility, enabling clients to focus initially on areas of the business that will provide immediate return—and add capabilities that will deliver more value in the future.

Together, Copperleaf Portfolio, Copperleaf Asset™, and Copperleaf Value™ create a comprehensive enterprise decision analytics solution.

Modular and Configurable

The Copperleaf Product Suite is highly modular and configurable, growing with you as your business needs evolve. It can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems to turn data into decisions.

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