National Grid

National Grid is one of the world’s largest investor-owned energy companies. In 2016, the Copperleaf C55™ Decision Analytics solution was implemented at National Grid to enhance decision making for its gas distribution infrastructure in the northeastern US, and in 2018, the company selected C55 for its electricity transmission and gas transmission operations in the UK. Copperleaf enables National Grid to deliver superior investment decision making and budget planning analytics than was previously possible.

Emergent events lead to uncertainty, which leads to people seeking to understand the impacts on the network, customers, and business. With Copperleaf’s products, we have been able to look at those financial strategies—something we wouldn’t even have been able to dream of doing in the past. We’ve been able to quickly answer these questions and make decisions to move our business forward.”

Stewart Whyte Delivery Optimisation Manager, National Grid Electricity Transmission

Copperleaf has been very flexible and willing to adapt to the Agile approach in the programme. Although it is early days we are very enthused about the potential that C55 will bring to our asset Management Process.”

Isabelle Haigh Head of Richmond (Gas Transmission Transformation), National Grid

As we approach RIIO T2, National Grid needs to continue to drive improved asset investment decisions. We have selected C55 from Copperleaf to increase our capabilities and ensure we deliver best value for our customers.”

Antony Green Head of Engineering & Asset Management, National Grid Gas Transmission