Power + Utilities 2024


Mai 7, 2024 - Mai 8, 2024


Melbourne, AU

Australia’s energy transition ambition calls for generators and networks to unite with large energy users and consumers to define and build the grid of the future.  This new era of energy democracy and energy citizenship poses the key question at the heart of Power + Utilities Australia; that is, what does the energy system of the future look like?

Held annually in Melbourne over two days, Power + Utilities Australia is key forum bringing together opposing voices, a diversity of opinions and experiences, to have difficult conversations around the energy transition.

We will be attending Power + Utilities Australia and hope to see your there! Connect with us to learn more about how Copperleaf can help your organisation decide where and when to invest in your business to maximise capital efficiency, meet performance targets, manage risk, and achieve your ESG and financial goals.