Energy Networks 2024 Conference + Exhibition


2024년 3월 19일 - 2024년 3월 21일


Adelaide, AU

EN2024 Conference + Exhibition focuses on discussing the transformation of our 20th century grid so it can deliver energy and provide services and value the way consumers of the 21st century demand. Hosted by Energy Networks Australia, the event is designed to connect people from across the industry, providing opportunities to strengthen existing relationships and create new ones.

The themes for this year highlight some of the key issues the network sector faces as Australia transitions to a cleaner energy future. Including:
  • Enabling the energy transformation
  • Resilience
  • Community and customers to enable the change
  • The future of energy

The PDC aims to create a program that deals with current challenges but also looks to the future to see how the sector may continue to evolve and change.

With the increase in technologies made for the Energy industries, how can organizations navigate themselves through it and find the best solutions to drive themselves forward? Connect with us at EN2024 to learn more about how Copperleaf can help your organization decide where and when to invest in your business to maximize capital efficiency, meet performance targets, manage risk, and achieve your ESG and financial goals.