Asset Mastery: Unleashing the Power of EAM Excellence


2024년 5월 14일 - 2024년 5월 14일


Kuala Lumpur, MY

Copperleaf provides enterprise decision analytics software solutions to companies managing critical infrastructure. Copperleaf leverages operational and financial data to empower clients to ask a simple question: What If?

What if we had more capital? What if we reduced our sustainment spend? What if we experience a back-swan weather event? What if commodity prices shift? The ability to get answers to those questions in terms of real business impacts is exactly our focus here at Copperleaf.

As an SAP Endorsed Apps partner, organisations can take advantage of streamlined integration to core SAP business process to get the best of both worlds: The ability to confidently allocate capital to the highest value plans, and the ability to execute approved plans effectively and accurately.

Achieving End-to-End Asset Management is a Constant Challenge. How do you secure the brightest future for your organisation in Malaysia?
Learn from the past, deploy best practices in the present, and plan for tomorrow. Join Rizing, SAP, Copperleaf and like-minded professionals as we:

  • Conduct an in-depth review of key challenges and business drivers for the Malaysia Energy and Utility industry today and the outlook for the future.
  • Help you conquer industry challenges by end-to-end asset management solutions with SAP and SAP-trusted partners.
  • Listen and share our insights and tips on how to leverage our solutions for your asset management needs.

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