The Adventures of Coop & C55 (Episode #2): Value-based Decisions: A Best Practice of ISO 55000

In large, complex organizations, requests to spend money can be wide-ranging which makes it difficult to choose the “right” projects to execute among the many diverse and dissimilar requests for funding. The new ISO 55000 standard underlines the importance of the concept of value, yet many companies struggle with how to define, measure and communicate value.

Value-based decision making (VDM) can help organizations identify the best combination of investments that deliver the greatest value—while respecting funding, resource, and timing constraints. But what does it truly take to make value-based decisions?

Watch this video to find out how our fearless Interplanetary Director of Asset Management “Coop” and his hyper-intelligent robot companion C55 tackle this challenge. Join them on their journey to discover what a Value Framework is, how it is created, and how it can help you make more informed and objective decisions that are aligned to the priorities of your organization—or in this case, the galaxy!

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