Manitoba Hydro

Manitoba Hydro is a Crown Corporation and one of the largest energy utilities in Canada, serving over 580,000 electric customers and over 280,000 natural gas customers. A leader in many areas of asset management and decision making, Manitoba Hydro is one of the lowest cost providers of electricity in Canada.

Manitoba Hydro recognized an opportunity to improve the efficiency, consistency and transparency of its investment planning process. The Copperleaf™ C55 Decision Analytics solution was initially implemented in the Generation Operations business unit in 2011, and was used to support the company’s rate application to the Public Utility Board in 2015. The ease and speed with which the Generation team was able to extract the necessary data to respond to questions asked during the rate hearings, led the company to embark on an initiative to expand C55™ and the Copperleaf Value Framework across the entire organization.

In 2017, C55 went live in the Transmission business unit, the Customer Service and Distribution (CS&D) business unit (both electric and gas), and the Information Technology Services (ITS) Division. Key benefits and improvements realized include:

  • Robust framework for valuing investment decisions across the entire organization
  • Streamlined investment approvals and process efficiencies
  • Data consistency and integrity
  • Fact-based decision making for project portfolio decisions
  • Consistent assessment of risk

In 2011, we purchased the Copperleaf C55 software for asset investment planning. There are thousands of assets, and we’ve got projects for a couple hundred of them. It helps us eliminate what the capital requirements are. If it sees and asset that doesn’t have a project against it, it’ll actually, based on the data that we’ve put in, give us an estimated level of the investment that’s required sometime in the future to deal with that. It helps us do the gap analysis between where we are today, and where we need to be.

Manitoba Hydro's General Rate Application 2014/2015 and 2015/2016, Transcript of Proceedings, p.1611-12

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