Copperleaf Rapid
Scenario Planning


Rapidly generate scenarios for your investment plans to manage risk & allocate resources in uncertain times

We are living in a time of unprecedented change. Natural disasters, regulatory changes, and global pandemics are redefining how we do business. Organizations are being pushed to the breaking point as they try to adapt while continuing to deliver on their commitments to customers and shareholders. Organizations must become agile decision makers and quickly adapt their plans to see the company through these challenges.

Copperleaf® can help: our unique methodology and solutions enable companies around the world to understand their risks, determine investment needs, and rapidly explore multiple what-if scenarios to make optimal use of available resources. The Copperleaf Rapid Scenario Planning solution is designed specifically to provide agility and transparency to organizations and help them keep pace with rapidly changing business realities.

Build realistic and actionable plans in the face of shifting financial and resource constraints—to effectively manage your risk profile and deliver the greatest value to your business.

Emergent events lead to uncertainty, which leads to people seeking to understand the impacts on the network, customers, and business. With Copperleaf’s products, we have been able to look at those financial strategies—something we wouldn’t even have been able to dream of doing in the past. We’ve been able to quickly answer these questions and make decisions to move our business forward.”

STEWART WHYTE Delivery Optimization Manager, National Grid Electricity Transmission

Making sure that we’re doing the right work, at the right time, in the right location is becoming more important, and having value-based decision making has been critical.”

PAUL BARNETT Senior Program Manager, Transmission, TVA

Explore multiple planning scenarios to make the right decisions

Copperleaf provides the ability to easily model any number of what-if scenarios to explore different strategies and decide on the best course of action. Powerful sensitivity analysis enables organizations to quickly model the impact of varying business constraints, such as reduced funding or resource availability, so that strategies and contingency plans can be developed for every eventuality.

Scenario Viewer | Asset Management | Copperleaf

Optimize portfolios to maximize value & achieve strategic goals

The Copperleaf Rapid Scenario Planning solution leverages powerful optimization algorithms and artificial intelligence (AI) to recommend the investment timing that will mitigate the most serious risks and deliver the greatest value. While traditional methods of manual prioritization can take weeks to months, Copperleaf’s optimization AI delivers the optimal result in minutes. This will enable your organization to direct funds and resources to the right things, at the right time.

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Arrange a Software Demo

The Copperleaf Rapid Scenario Planning solution is powered by Copperleaf’s industry-leading decision analytics software. This targeted solution can be implemented within a matter of weeks to help new clients get up and running quickly. Copperleaf’s experienced consultants will guide your organization through a six-step implementation process, providing support, training, and value along the way. Contact us today to learn more.


Modular and Configurable

Copperleaf solutions are highly modular and configurable, growing with you as your business needs evolve. They can integrate seamlessly with your existing systems to turn data into decisions.